Sennheiser IE 100 Pro In-Ear Monitoring Headphones - Black

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IE 100 PRO 


Dynamic in-ear monitors for confident monitoring even on the loudest stages. Consistent frequency response in both low and high SPLs. High wearing comfort, even for hours, thanks to an ultra-flat design. With a stage-proof, robust construction. 


  • Innovative, dynamic 10-mm broadband transducer for powerful, precise monitoring
  • Dynamic driver system reduces acoustic stress factors through homogenous, distortion-free reproduction
  • Secure fit, high level of wearing comfort: an innovative single driver design allows for a slim and ergonomic construction
  • Excellent shielding thanks to an optimized earpiece and flexible silicone and foam tips
  • Stage-proof cable with internal cable duct

Top Specs:

  • Weight: (g)160
  • Bluetooth Version: 5
  • Charging Time: 1,5 h
  • Transducer principle: dynamic
  • Wearing Style: In-ear