TP483LE Trumpet

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The Jean Baptiste TP483LE Trumpet is one of the most feature-rich student trumpets available, sharing many of the same technical characteristics and tonal qualities as professional trumpets.


The TP483LE’s body is constructed of yellow brass, while its outer tuning slide is made of nickel silver for added strength and durability. Unlike other trumpets in its class, the TP483LE features a 5″ gold brass bell and leadpipe for a warmer sound than the average student trumpet. It also has three monel-plated valves for excellent durability and slotting, the same valves you’ll find on many pro-level trumpets. The TP483LE comes in a clear lacquer finish with beautiful engraving on its bell.

Beginners are more likely to continue on with an instrument when they start with a well made, reliable one. And the Jean Baptiste TP483LE Trumpet is the perfect first step in any trumpet player’s journey.