Victory Triumph Series Gen 2 Tenor Saxophone - Gold Lacquer Finish

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Bursting with cutting-edge innovations, the Triumph Series student Tenor Saxophone is an ideal instrument to introduce beginners to their musical career, as well as being gig-ready for any professional musician. With features allowing for easily accessible keys backed by high-power blue steel springs, this instrument’s durable construction is the ideal instrument for any band program.

The Triumph Series saxophones offer unique options that make it stand out from the pack. Victory’s custom mechanism solves the long-known problem of sticky G# key. The overall value of this instrument is like no other.


  • Bb Tenor Saxophone
  • High F# Sharp Key
  • Gold Lacquer Finish
  • High Quality Pads
  • High Performance Springs
  • Beautiful Engraving
  • White Pearls
  • Max Protection Multi-Functional Case
  • Support Spring for G#