Warm Audio Premier Gold XLR Female to TRS Male Cable - 6'

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Presented here with a cable length of 6', this Warm Audio Premier Series XLR-F to TRS Cable is designed to provide a high-end connection between balanced line-level gear in the studio or on the stage. If you care about the details of your sound interconnects, this cable is more than up to the task.

With a female XLR connection at one end and a 1/4" TRS plug at the other, the cable is chock-full of features that enable top-of-the-line performance. These include gold-plated connectors, star-quad wiring for superior RFI rejection in the balancing process, double-Ruessen shielding to protect against EMI, and a braided outer wrap to fight against tangling. To guarantee optimal performance, Warm Audio partnered with Gotham AG, one of Switzerland's best producers of premium cable.


  • For Balanced Line-Level Connections
  • For Studio Interconnections
  • Ensures High-Quality Sound
  • XLR Female to 1/4" TRS Male
  • Star-Quad Wiring for Great RFI Rejection
  • Double-Ruessen Shielding for Hi-Fi Sound
  • Gold Connectors Fight Corrosion
  • Braided Outer Wrap Fights Kinks
  • Gotham AG Cable