Woodcraft Cajon with Striped Onyx Frontplate

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Meinl's Woodcraft Cajons are a step up from run-of-the mill instruments, with thick baltic birch resonating bodies that produce a very deep bass spectrum and pleasantly nice high tones on the slaps. Simply picking up one of these instruments can give you a taste of its quality.

The dimensions of this cajon have been specifically chosen to give the 11-ply shell its best natural resonance to help you play with the best sound possible.

This instrument is made in Europe with an exotic Striped Onyx frontplate, fitted internally with two snare wires and adjustable top corners to give you lots of options when it comes to how sizzly or poppy you want your backbeats to be.

An anti-slip surface on the top helps keep you seated when you tilt the cajon, and as a final visual touch the rear side has been detailed with a hot-branding logo.