Yamaha TRBX204GB Bass Guitar Galaxy Black

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Enjoy professional-grade quality and performance with the Yamaha TRBX204 TRBX Series bass guitar. This series has a four-control circuit that includes controls for the master volume, balance and a two-band equalizer for creating a more aggressive tone. This bass guitar contains a sculpted solid mahogany body and a mass-optimised 3D design that delivers the ideal balance between tone, comfort and perfect weight distribution. The straight string pull from nut to machine head eliminates lateral tension, providing superior tuning stability and reducing overtones. Yamaha's metal plate-mounted standard jack socket offers superior durability, easy maintenance and a secure grip that keeps cords tightly in place so you can move around on the stage confidently.

  • 2-band active EQ
  • Four-control circuit controls master volume, balance and equalizer
  • Sculpted solid mahogany body
  • Mass-optimised 3D design
  • Straight string pull
  • Metal plate-mounted standard jack socket
  • Bolt-on construction