Yamaha Revstar RS820CR Steel Rust

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Stripped Down for Peak Performance

The Yamaha RS820CR solidbody electric guitar takes its inspiration from the cafe racer motorcycles found tearing up the streets of London in the 1960s. Like those bikes, the RS820CR is engineered to give you optimum performance with nothing extra to slow you down. The mahogany/maple construction delivers a tone that is very familiar and beloved among guitarists. The Yamaha-designed humbucking pickups feature a dry switch for single-coil type tones without the single-coil hum. And the RS820CR's contoured body is comfortable to hold with easy access to all of the frets.



Yamaha RS820CR Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:
  • Straightforward design
  • Wealth of tonal options
  • Built with performance in mind
  • Revstar series guitars are packed with personality
Straightforward design

The Yamaha RS820CR is built with a "what you see is what you get" mindset. The classic maple/mahogany/rosewood construction delivers the guitar tones that we all know and love. The chrome hardware is brushed for a sleek satin look and feel. And that design even extends to the guitar's hand-done steel wool finish. This finishing process ensures the surface will age gracefully over time. 

Wealth of tonal options

The tones of the RS820CR are just what you'd expect from a maple/mahogany guitar with dual humbuckers. The Alnico pickups onboard the guitar are designed by Yamaha's YGD department to perfectly complement the instrument's natural character. The only surprise waiting under the hood is a push-pull tone knob that activates the RS820CR's Dry switch. This control engages a passive EQ circuit to emulate single-coil tones while retaining the noiseless performance of humbuckers. The 2-knob layout couldn't be any easier to manipulate.

Built with performance in mind

Yamaha's goal in engineering the Revstar series electric guitars was to make instruments that are free of any unnecessary details that could negatively impact the performance of the guitar. This mindset manifests itself in features like a sculpted neck heel that is comfortable and delivers unimpeded access to all 22 frets. A TonePros AVT-II wraparound bridge offers spot-on intonation with minimal hardware. And the understated racing stripes are a definite tip of the hat to the cafe racer motorcycles that gave birth to the original Revstar inspiration.

Revstar series guitars are packed with personality

Inspired by the bold styling of London and Tokyo's vintage street-racing motorbikes, Yamaha's Revstar series of electric guitars features dramatic curves, character-packed custom-wound pickups, and delightfully muscular tone. Each model in the Revstar lineup is full of its own distinct personality. These instruments exude a distinctiveness as unique as the guitarists who play them.

Yamaha RS820CR Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
  • Solidbody electric stripped down for optimum performance
  • Inspired by cafe racer motorcycles
  • Familiar maple/mahogany/rosewood construction
  • Comfortable neck heel with great fret access
  • 2 Yamaha designed humbucking pickups
  • Push-pull Dry switch offers noiseless single-coil tone
  • Stable TonePros AVT-II bridge



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