Yamaha ZG02 Game Streaming Audio Mixer

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A compact mixer with USB interface designed expressly for multiplayer gamers and for game streamers. Quickly adjust your game sound, chat and voice levels on the fly — plus activate voice effects, 3D surround sound and competitive-gaming focus modes, with full customization through a Windows/Mac app.

  • Intuitive controls let you quickly manage sound levels and effects in real-time
  • Advanced software mic settings and voice effects (compression, limiter, reverb, pitch, radio voice and more) to fine-tune and personalize your voice, plus one-touch buttons for instant activation
  • Supports gaming headsets with a built-in mic or a dedicated mic via the rear-panel XLR / TRS combo jack; 48V phantom power for condenser mics
  • 3D surround sound and unique gaming focus modes immerse you in the action and give you an edge up on your competitors
  • Versatile USB interface for Windows/Mac computers that allows audio to be assigned to two different apps (e.g., Discord and OBS), plus a dedicated USB connection for PlayStation® 4/5 or Nintendo Switch™
  • ZG Controller app for Windows/Mac lets you go deep with settings and customizations that can be saved and quickly recalled from one-touch buttons on the mixer
  • Compatible with the Elgato Stream Deck family of controllers


Yamaha ZG02: A compact and affordable game streaming audio mixer

Let’s be honest: gamer’s desktops can get pretty cluttered. The super compact footprint of the ZG02 fits neatly into your command center, offering just the right selection of tactile controls you need for mixing and effects – with deeper, less frequently accessed settings available in the ZG software.


    Yamaha ZG02: 3 knobs for intuitive player and game audio control

    Unlike some audio mixing solutions that require you to open an app to adjust volume levels, the ZG02 gives you simple, clearly labeled knobs that let you dial in the perfect mix, instantly and on the fly.


      Yamaha ZG02: One-touch access to sound FX

      Customize your voice and game sound settings in the ZG software, then recall them instantly from the ZG02 mixer preset buttons. Mic effect options include compression, limiter, reverb, pitch, radio voice and more – plus a press-and-hold button for echo. Game effect options include 3D surround sound, Focus Modes and 3D chat space.


        Yamaha ZG02: Connect your favorite microphone or headset

        Use a gaming headset with a boom mic or step up to a pro-grade condenser mic – the ZG02 has an XLR input with 48V phantom power, so it’s got you covered. Tired of wearing headphones? Just hit a button and switch to your powered desktop speakers instead.


          Yamaha ZG02: Updated “ZG Controller” app adds power and flexibility

          This is where the magic happens. A free download from our site, the ZG Controller software (for Windows/Mac) is the ultimate companion for the ZG02, providing access to all the deep setting and customization features that truly bring the mixer to life.
          Angle image of ELGATO STREAM DECK and Yamaha ZG02 Gaming Mixer


            Got a Stream Deck? Just download the Yamaha ZG plug-in from Elgato to harness the full power of the ZG02 from any Stream Deck model. Use the default plug-in settings or customize trigger actions and dial controls to your heart's desire.



                Image showing back view of a man wearing Yamaha headphone. #1

                Engage 3D Surround Sound to immerse yourself in an ultra-realistic soundscape using any normal stereo gaming headset. The ZG02 mixer accepts multi-channel audio from the USB input and virtualizes it using Yamaha proprietary ViReal™ technology.

                  HEAR THEM COMING

                  Image showing back view of a man wearing Yamaha headphone. #2

                  Focus Modes allow you to customize your soundscape to suit a variety of game titles, scenes and playing styles, such as suppressing the sound of your own character’s voice or emphasizing the game’s environmental sounds. Hear your opponent’s footsteps… before it’s too late.

                    CLEAR UP THE CHAT CHAOS

                    Image distinguishing between game and chat audio

                    With 3D Game Chat Space, your buddies’ voices get placed where you want them in a virtual space that avoids overlap with the game sound. You’ll feel as if you’re in the same room as them – there might still be a lot of trash talk, but at least you’ll hear it clearly.

                      SHARE IT ALL

                      SHARE IT ALL

                      Down to stream? Your multi-channel game audio is converted and processed by the ZG02 to reproduce a surround sound experience that can be streamed to your entire audience. Even if your fans only have normal stereo headphones, they can still experience the immersive sonic realism.

                        USB VERSATILITY

                        The ZG02 connects to your Windows or Mac computer with a special multi-channel USB interface that offers phenomenal versatility. Just install the free USB driver from our website and the mixer will be recognized as two virtual devices that can send and receive two audio channels for different purposes – perfect for use with Discord and OBS/Streamlabs at the same time.

                        Yamaha ZG02: ZG dedicated driver allows individual signals to be assigned to multiple client …