Zildjian 10" ZHT China Splash

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Description: Zildjian's signature B12 alloy delivers a rich sounding cymbal that is bright, melodic, and designed for a wide range of musical styles.Splash Cymbal Sound Character:Exclusive to the ZHT Series, 10" ZHT China Splashes feature a quick voice and lots of "give." The square shape of a China cup and the exaggerated angle of the bow help provide and authentic "Oriental" cymbal sound.

Crafted with the flanged edge which imparts a trashy element while retaining the punch and sudden decay of a splash, the Zildjian 10" ZHT China Splash melds two effect staples into one entirely new sound. Built with uniform machine lathing and hammering of B8 bronze which sits high in any mix, this discontinued cymbal is an excellent introduction to effects for beginners or contrast to darker splashes.



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