Zildjian Planet Z Series 16" Crash Cymbal

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An exhaustive two-year research and design project by the Zildjian Sound Lab results in a new modern cymbal voice from the legendary Zildjian Company. The new S Family from Zildjian is an expressive cymbal with a balanced frequency response, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. It features a B12 alloy (88% copper, 12% tin) coupled with cutting edge modern manufacturing techniques that produce a cymbal capable of a wide range of musical expression.

For drummers looking to make their first entrance to the Zildjian family, the newly updated Planet Z is the place to start the journey. Crafted in the USA of a new nickel-silver alloy, the new Planet Z is a sonically superior cymbal in its price category and is truly worthy of bearing the Zildjian name.


  • The cymbals to begin your Zildjian journey
  • Features new, proprietary nickel-silver alloy
  • Sonically superior for entry-level cymbal price
  • Affordable way to add the Zildjian sound to your setup